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9/11 Memorial

How can Biblical Counseling help?


We've been there! With a combined 24 years of Military service, Law Enforcement, Firefighting, Ombudsman experience, and as a Dual-Military, Special Needs family, we understand the uniqueness of your situation. We also know the burdens that come with deployments and how Operational Commitment may affect the family.


While certain community services may already be in place for service members, many will not seek the assistance they need. Many military and emergency services personnel and their families look for care through Faith-based organizational services (FBOs) due to privacy from the government. Your confidentiality is a priority to us!


FBOs also play an important role in the lives of our Public Service families. Operational commitment can bring about great stress, with PTSD and Combat Trauma not only affecting the individual, but the family unit as well. These issues are not purely psychological and emotional, but also spiritual.


The guidance which is offered through FBOs is essential in helping families learn to adjust through high-stress situations, transitions, post-deployments, retirements, and when families are reintegrating back into their civilian lives.  At Covenant Healing, we understand these wounds and are a testament that faith makes a huge difference in helping you heal and recover from trauma. We are here to help you! Call us today!


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