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Our Mission, Vision, and Values:


To promote and care for the well-being of individuals and families by providing accessible, holistic, quality mental and spiritual health care for Couples, Families, and Individuals, including Military, Veterans, Emergency First Responders, Children with Special Needs, and their families. We utilize a system that prioritizes Christ-centered care, trust, respect, confidentiality, and compassion. We are committed to quality mental and spiritual health care. We further commit to the philosophy that we exist for the client(s).

"Where there are two or three gathered in my name, [I am] there among them" (Matt. 18:20).

Pastoral Counseling Explained:

What makes Pastoral Counseling different from other Psychological disciplines?  Clinical Pastoral Counseling is a unique mental health discipline that incorporates theological reflection, spiritual resources, and in-depth psychotherapy for health and wholeness.  Trained pastoral counselors/therapists can be licensed as "Clinical Pastoral Therapists" and/or “Certified Pastoral Counselors” and those licensed include therapists who are theologically trained or have specialized training in spiritual integration, in addition to training in counseling theories and practices.  At its core, Pastoral Therapists are traditionally ordained ministers, though many have gone beyond the minimum standards and have sought specialized psychological training of varying disciplines.  What makes Pastoral Therapy different from traditional psychology practices, is that the client does not need to be affiliated with any particular religion or spiritual practice to benefit from the services of a Pastoral Therapist.  Pastoral Therapists are comfortable working with clients of any spiritual background, no spiritual background, or those who have been hurt by their faith tradition, and are seeking answers to many mental health problems they are experiencing.  Our Pastoral counseling practice can provide clients with a variety of services and treat a variety of mental health issues found within individual, couple, and family client systems. We also provide consultation to other physicians and organizations as needed to ensure our clients have a well-rounded approach to healing. 

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