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Overview of Counseling Services

We offer a variety of services for Individuals, Couples, and Families that can help build and maintain healthy relationships.
Individual & Family Counseling

Counseling sessions typically run 60 minutes. Individuals, Couples, and Families have the privilege of having both counselors present in each session, or can request same-gender, one-to-one counseling to address your individual needs.  


We recognize the importance of having two professionals working with you at all times.  Jesus Christ sent His Disciples out in pairs to minister to them; thus, we follow His principle as described in the Scripture.   

Marriage & Couples Counseling


This counseling is specific to couples who are either dating and thinking about marriage, married, or engaged to be married. Being a successful couple means taking into consideration our partner's individual needs and desires, while at the same time not forgetting about our own. Couples often lose sight of what it means to be a couple while trying to manage the stresses of life, leading to unnecessary battles with each other. Therapeutic services are offered to help couples break unhealthy patterns that often lead to a breakdown of mutual interaction. Together, we work on developing positive relationships with Christ as the Head of the family unit.

* A complimentary vow renewal ceremony is offered to those married couples wishing to restrengthen their marital vows, upon completion of a successful marital therapy program.*

Proverbs 11:14
Pre-Marital Counseling Program


A wedding can be a joyous event for all of the family and friends involved! For the couple making this commitment, preparing you for marriage is essential and beneficial as you head down the path of married life together.


Couples that choose to start learning early in their relationship identify potential problems before they can become life-altering events.  Through the PREPARE/ENRICH Program, we assist in the assessment and evaluation of a couple's strengths/ areas of growth, address your most pressing issues, and help you gain effective strategies to enhance your relationship. You will learn coping skills for times of conflict, stress, and changes to help couples remain as one. 

Counseling Atmosphere


Our counseling offices offer our clients a comfortable, "at-home" atmosphere. Sessions are typically conducted in our office setting, however, we also provide virtual therapy through our secure, HIPAA compliant video conferencing services.

*We offer telehealth counseling services through the Wecounsel Internet platform at Please contact our office to inquire about telecounseling if this service would better suit your needs. 

Treatment Specialization 
        Individuals    Couples    Families

- Marriage Preparation

- Marital/Relationship Care

    - Conflict Resolution & Communication

    - Infidelity

    - Relational Trauma

- Parenting & Family Matters

    - Blended Families & Divorce Care

    - Adolescent Counseling

- Faith Formation & Spiritual Well-being

- Trauma & Post-Traumatic Stress

- Military Family Reintegration

- Law Enforcement & First Responder Care


- Special Needs/Autism Care

- Caregiver Fatigue & Support

Misunderstandings and isolation are all-too-common for individuals with special needs and their families. As counselors and parents of special needs children, we recognize and understand the hardships that most special needs families undergo. We approach your unique circumstances with an emphasis on God’s love and support for your family.

Consulting / Life Coaching

Consulting or Life Coaching has become one of the most common services for helping in the recovery process.  Even outside of the counseling office, we will provide each client with advice and motivation, should they need to be uplifted in between counseling sessions. 

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